Collectible Sleepers At Phillips’s Hong Kong Watch Auction, From Neo-Vintage Standouts To Aughts Gems Replica Watches UK For Sale

The savvy, smart, experienced collectors I know don’t always go for the big lots on the watch auction circuit, but instead identify some really interesting pieces they’re passionate about that also seem like they’ll go up in value. Some of these collectors have flipped these low-key sleepers years later for serious money, which adds up to fund that newsworthy big lot at a later date. In one case I know of, a very chill purchase turned into a second home—and a rather nice one at that. If, like me, you are curious to know what this insider-scene of the watch circuit is like, you may be interested in following the Hong Kong Watch Auction that Phillips is putting on this week, which happens to be full of interesting Swiss made replica watches with entirely down-to-earth estimates. Let’s call them sleepers.

The key at this year’s Hong Kong Watch Auction is, in my estimation, to look at what is often called “neo-vintage.” This is a relatively new and hot category—one which I cynically believe pre-owned dealers created to jack up prices on out-of-style, aging stock. Despite the crass impulse behind the genre’s creation, the result has been an increased awareness of what watch collectors often call “sweet spot” or “sleeper” pricing: Watches that are neither old enough to be vintage nor new enough to be hot pre-owned models. As a soft rule, neo-vintage luxury fake watches are roughly 20 to 40 years old.

A few things to note about this selection below, however: First, neo-vintage high quality replica watches are often wildly out of style, but they’re going to come back in, just as everything does after enough nostalgia and buzz accrues. Second, not all the AAA UK copy watches I’m recommending are neo-vintage, as I think a few of the offerings at the Hong Kong Watch Auction of recent vintage could end up being “big watches” to own down the road, too. The softening market doesn’t hurt either.

Let’s jump into the lots I think you should keep an eye on.

Replica Rolex Coral Oyster Perpetual 36 Watches | Lot 803

Created in 2021, this coral perfect 2024 fake Rolex Oyster Pepetual watches is probably the newest watch I’ll recommend here, but selling for around the retail prices, as estimated here, seems unlikely. These were hotter than hotcakes when they dropped in multiple colors, drawing interest around the 1970’s Stella Dials to which these colorful OPs pay tribute. Coral is among the hottest—both in hue and in demand. Keep an eye on this one, because it only takes two people who really want it to send it off the charts. If it doesn’t soar, and you dig it, then pounce!

Presale estimates: $5,100 to $7,200

Fake Rolex GMT Master II 16718 Watches | Lot 829

I’ve gone on at length about how the four-, five- and six-digit reference numbers from Rolex have created a kind of lull around the value of the five-digit references, and this top replica watches only proves my theory. Dating to 2002, this GMT Master II is entirely solid gold and ready to be scooped up in the mid-$20,000 region. Neither rare nor really even in style right now, the super clone watches wholesale is only going to go up in value as it ages into the vintage category over the next decade. Being post-1998-9, it will be loaded with Super-LumiNova, and, on this example, I’m seeing a rather well preserved aluminum bezel insert and only modest polishing. Definitely watching this bad boy.

Presale estimates: $20,500 to $30,800

Rolex Datejust Two Tone Diamonds (NOS) Replica Watches | Lot 850

This best fake Rolex reference 116233 watches is from 2010, and it is listed as new old stock (NOS), which means it’s never been worn. It also comes with its original box, hang tags and owner’s card. Snag this one for under $10,000, drop it in the safe and Swiss movements replica watches it outperform your portfolio year after year. Then, once the market is hot for these tasty Champagne dials—because everything goes in and out of style—bring it back to Phillips and flip it for that money you’re going to drop on the truly rare gem of your collection.

Presale estimates: $6,200 to $10,300

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