Decent Black Dials Rolex Air-King Copy Watches UK Discounted For Sale

Air-King collection is designed to pay a tribute to the pioneers of flight. The most important point is the good readability. Air-King watches have black dials with enlarged steel hour markers. Their hands are also white luminescent. During the flight, pilots just need to read time quickly and clearly. Rolex Air-King replica watches with green seconds hands can meet requirements.


There is a large white luminescent mark at 12 o’clock. Their steel bezels are smooth and the steel Oyster bracelets are satin-brushed. Their domed glasses are made of sapphire crystal that are scratch-resistant. The reliable and precise functions are supported by Cal. 3131, self-winding mechanical movements with perpetual rotors. The movements are developed and manufactured by Rolex completely. Like other Rolex perpetual movements, Cal. 3131 is also certified by COSC and can save long-lasting power.

Rolex-Air-King-Black-Dials-ReplicaThere are yellow Rolex logos and green letters on the black dials, adding more colors. Rolex fake watches with automatic perpetual movements are waterproof to 100m. The whole watch is exquisite and delicate, entirely suitable for men to wear in daily life.

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